CRAFT STIR PLATES Artisan Stir Plates for the Home Brewer by the Home Brewer
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   All of CraftBrewGoods' custom stir plates are hand made by Miami-based Daniel Kinard. An avid home brewer, Daniel pours as "The Dude Brews" serving up delicious brews such as his signature Coconut Sweet Stout, CatSharkFace IPA, Starfruit Pale Ale, and the Lossless Porter. He can be found monthly performing brewing demonstrations at Sud Swap events. He is also a member of the Miami Area Society of Home Brewers.


   Daniel received a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami in 2010. He is a professional mechanical design engineer in Coral Gables, FL. Off the clock, Daniel spends his time perfecting custom home brew equipment to share with the masses.


CraftBrewGoods stir plates can be purchased in store at Daddy Brews and Biscayne Home Brew Supply Store or online at

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